Lloyd Garber

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 Perfect Point by Lloyd Garber

12th Fret Perfect Point is both a philosophy and an empirical approach to playing intervals on the guitar. Ultimately, they converge.

The parameters of Lloyd Garber’s music changed after an interesting observation in the mid-sixties. He noticed the relationships between doodles on a telephone pad and fragmented sounds improvised on the guitar. Brain prints without borders. Music conventions and acts of containment gave way to a broader perspective of sound.

Systems were dismissed. Themes, motives and scales, avoided. Units of two sounds making up “one interval” became the basis of the working material. String mutes, harmonics, behind the bridge plunks, and sonic thumps on the guitar body became the new texture. A new vocabulary of proportions creating configurations of relationships – “music of the moment”. 
Hot Improv

Big Strum Perfect Point is about “total” guitar playing. Wide intervals with edge bridges. Texture with new harmony tensions and mutant notes containing head plings, string scrapes and reduced pitch. In short, prepared playing as guitar technique without added alligator clips or other devices. String sound as a regular part of the pitch, texture and motion. Clusters are employed – two or more minor seconds with cannibal tendencies. And in part six and ten, a collection of free form compositions featuring interval sounds and string sound proportions.   

Perfect Point. Ten Parts. 260 pages.

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