Lloyd Garber

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 Lloyd Garber - a Brief Bio

Two Handed Tap Lloyd Garber guitarist, composer and teacher resides in Toronto, Canada. Lloyd Garber creates guitar sounds both wide and narrow, both cries and whispers. Discarding scales, themes and motives, he reduces the building blocks of music to the use of “intervals”. A philosophy making relationships more important than what is being related to.

After serving five years with the Royal Canadian Air Force (1958-1963) he played with Arne Benson and the Trevor Jones Orchestra in Halifax, Nova Scotia (1964-1966).

Studied the Lydian Chromatic Concept with George Russell at the New England Conservatory in Boston, also on location in Stockholm, Oslo, and Tanglewood, Mass. (1968-1973). Studied with John Cage in New York (1970-1973).
Shouting into Guitar

Plucking Guitar Strings

First solo recording “Energy Patterns”, came out on the Sackville label (1976) followed by his book “Auntie Nature” (1978). Recordings, books, videos, concerts and teaching occupied the eighties and nineties. “Perfect Point” was completed in June 2003. A DVD “Perfect Point” was made by Jan McCharles in November 2004.

The book "Is That the Wind?" was completed 2012 and DVD in 2013. A new book of compositions, "Lollipop Trees"has been released this year.

Filmmaker Karen Houle is presently working on a documentary about Lloyd Garber and his music called “Scratch Thump Plink Plunk” scheduled for release in 2015.

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